Sharing Our Creative Voices

Fireflies Aglow has been sharing creative adventures for almost four years now. We started working on our collaborative book, "Becoming Agents of Creativity" together and sharing our individual projects on this website.  Zoe wrote and published two books, and Elijah, Aeva and Elina have just released their first books.  Emma's book is in the works.  Sign up for our newsletter to hear about our book releases, creative videos and gallery updates.



Zoe has been writing and illustrating books for a few years now. She loves animals, and is already developing all kinds of personal visual symbols that you will see throughout her pictures.  Get your copy of Zoe's books Harry and Larry: The Tale of Two Canaries and Puppy Days today. 

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Emma started painting when she was five.  Multiple suns, barnyard scenes, and dogs filled her pages, and her creative writing has always been about animals.  Emma has been working on her digital illustration.  An avid reader, she is also working on creating stories that she can share with others.


Aeva has always had a strong abstract sense.  She loves color and pattern, and also really loves pottery.  She has talked about doing a line of fashion and having her designs on all kinds of products. Aeva likes to write stories about the adventures she has with her sisters and friends, and draw all things cute.

Elijah has a great sense of humor that you will see when you watch his animations.  Elijah started making animations with an app called Animation Desk Cloud, and now is doing voiceovers and sharing his creations in his gallery. He has created a video series called The Stick Family and then turned it into The Stick Family Book

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Elina is drawing from the moment she wakes up, and now she is exploring animation.  She also loves to cut out her drawings and make them dimensional.  She loves making birthday greetings with google slides, gifs, and has a strong personal fashion sense.  Elina is developing her writing and illustration skills.

Beth L. Olson (Author, Creative Mentor, Teacher, Mom ) and Angela Meijer (Illustrator, Painter, Creative, Mom) are the moms who host this website, get the kids together, facilitate pizza, creative brainstorms, edit books, and make it part of the kids educations to teach them that their creativity can and will make the world a better place.