The Cupcake

Written and Illustrated by Aeva - 2015

One shiny day, Mahree was at Sunny Day Cafe, and she was eating a yummy, chocolate, peanut butter cupcake.  Then, "Chomp, Chomp!"  "Yum".  Mahree had become the yummy, chocolate, peanut butter cupcake.  

Then, in a place, there was a big Eiffel Tower made of marshmallows.  Mahree found a castle made out of lollipops, and as big as a Redwood Tree.  Mahree went into the castle, and "Poof!", she saw an amazing cupcake Queen.  Then queen told Mahree that the cupcake could change you into a yummy chocolate, peanut butter cupcake, if you said, "Yummy, Chocolate, Peanut Butter Cupcake!"

Then Mahree asked the queen how to return to the restaurant, Sunny Day.  She went through a giant rainbow, and became a girl again.   She never ate that particular cupcake again.  And that's how it happened.

Angela Meijer