Poki's Adventure

Hi!  My name is Poki.  I'm a dog.  You don't see me?  I'm down here!
Better?  Anyway, I have a great life.  My favorite thing to do is chase butterflies.  I live on a ranch in the countryside.  I have a great family - (owners).
Meagan is the mom, Daniel is the dad, Lila is the 9 year old sister, and Billy is the baby.
He cries a lot.  Well, you came here to hear a story, right?  Great, because one is about to begin.  


Dinner Time

A long time ago, there lived a family, and guess what?  I'm in it.  It all started when Daniel called Lila down for dinner.  "Lila, it's dinner time!", he shouted.  Lila went down, and crybaby Billy was already eating his moldy baby food at the table.  "Come sit down, and give thanks, Lila", Daniel said.  Lila sat down and they said grace.  Their dinner was Mac N Cheese, Lila's favorite.  It's my favorite too.  Lila accidentally dropped some food, so I ate it... YUM!  I heard a ding dong sound.  "I'll get it", said Meagan.  

Bank Trouble

Meagan opened the door.  I saw one man in a suit with glasses, and another in a suit with a clip board, a pencil and a stack of paper.  "Hello", said the man in glasses.  "Sorry to say, but the bank says you haven't been paying enough money for your ranch, so you cant keep it unless you pay $500,000 in two weeks time.  Again, I'm sorry", the man said.  Everyone was surprised.  The banker said, "goodbye".  So, they walked off.

"We need a plan!", said Meagan.  Billy just started crying.  

The Idea

Everyone huddled in to hear the plan.  "Maybe we could wash cars", suggested Lila.  "Lila, you're brilliant", said Meagan.  Billy made the worst suggestion ever, "WAAHHH!!"  They started making posters that said, "Car Wash - $2.00"  My family took me on a walk, and put the posters in every mailbox in our country side.

The next day, two customers came to get their cars washed.  So, guess what?  We earned $4.00.  Guess what else?  The news began to spread, and we earned $200,000 in a week.  Wow, that was a lot of cars.  But then people decided their cars were clean enough, and we had no more business.  We had $300,000 more to go, and week left to earn it.  

The Scene

Only one more day to go, $299,999 more to earn.  There was no way we could earn that money in time.  We huddled again.  I smelled danger.  I went out of the room, through the doggie door and outside.  Luckily, the fence was open, and the bad guy had the scent of mustard all over him.  So, I tracked the mustard scent out of the gate.  It took about 5,000 miles of walking before I found him!  I wondered what he was doing with a giant bag, walking into the bank.  But then I remembered, he was a bad guy, and he could be robbing that bank.  Actually, my job was simple.  All I had to do was to bite his leg, so he couldn't get away.  Next, I pulled down the alarm! 

The bank gave me a ride home.  

Our Home Back

It was the last day, and we heard another "DING DONG!"

The same men, who had visited us two weeks ago, stepped up and told us that they had been looking for this bad man for several years.  The bank decided to give us our home, and a reward of $100,000.  So, that's why I am now sitting on my porch, having a happily ever after.

Angela Meijer