Emma's Great Adventure.

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Emma. She went to the fair with her mom and her sisters. She wanted to watch Electric Company at the fair, but she had already seen the show at home. Then she went on a very slow roller coaster that could fly. Emma grew up a little bit, and she was seven years old. When she eight, she got a puppy. It was so cute. She planned on putting a carrot in her shoe for Sinterklaas. That's a Dutch person. Yeah, he also speaks English. He knows every language in the world, even Spanish. When Emma was nine, she got another puppy. When Emma was ten, she got another puppy and a fish. When Emma turned twelve, she got a cat. When Emma turned thirteen, she got a hot air balloon. When Emma turned fourteen, she got another hot air balloon, and another when she turned fifteen. Then, Emma finally was a grown up, and she was twenty years old, and she got married when she was twenty one. She could play with all of the animals in the hot air balloons, and she only could ride in one hot air balloon at a time. The End.

This is a picture of Emma, when she is all grown up.