You Are An Artist

When I was a little girl (a 2 year old), I colored all over my parents living room wall with crayons.  My mom was not happy about it.  My parents were friends with an amazing artist named Eugene, who told them, "Don't paint over that drawing!  Your daughter is an artist!"  My parents were impacted that Eugene thought I was an artist.  My mom painted over the walls, because she wasn't going to let my creativity take over the house.  My parents also raised me believing that I was an artist.  Words are powerful, and having someone believe in and value your creativity is powerful, and so I want to affirm the creativity of everyone reading this today.

You Are An Artist

Our kids know they are artists, and we don't have to give them much prompting in order for them to create.  The girls have a giant bulletin board in their room, so they can celebrate and hang up their favorite creations in their room.  I also am a really big fan of refrigerator magnets with clips, and use them to showcase rotating artwork.  Today, I took our oldest daughter to the library, and while she was loading up on books to read this weekend, I picked up a book called Project Kid, 100 Ingenious Crafts for Family Fun.  It has some really fun ideas that I will take note of for when they may need a prompt, or for when we want to do something new together.


Zoe's Book, Harry & Larry - the tale of two canaries has been published!!!!

Congratulations Zoe!  You are a published author!!!

As we try new things, learning as we go, amazing creativity takes shape all around us, especially when we team up to see creative dreams come true.  

Happy Creative Adventures,

Angela & Beth

Angela Meijer