Learning Animation

Are your kids interests changing?

Our kids are progressing in their creative journeys, and developing their creative voices.

Zoe has been writing another book, and wants to learn more about photography and animation.

Emma is in show choir and honor choir, and wanting to explore animation.  She also wants to develop a story she's started about a wolf.

Aeva wants to learn animation, and draw all things cute.  She is also learning to play the recorder in music. 

Elina wants to learn animation, and write and illustrate stories.

Aidan is learning photography with his grandpa, and love package design and illustrating comics.

Elijah has decided to join us in our creative collaborations, and is a storyteller.  He is learning animation, imovie, and writing scripts.

What storytelling tools are available?


Beth and I have been taking classes at Skillshare.  I'm so encouraged by all of the creatives creating how-to's, sharing what they've learned.  Some of the classes have adult content, so I prefer taking the classes to learn myself, and then adapt it to teach the kids.  After taking a class on creating gifs, we decided to teach the kids the basics of animation.

  1. We had them trace a sketch four times on tracing paper.
  2. We took photos of the drawings with an IPhone.
  3. We put the photos into an app called ImgPlay (An app that turns your photos into gifs)
  4. We saved them as videos, and put them into IMovie.
  5. Voila!!!
  1. Elijah wrote a script that the kids acted out.
  2. We ate pizza.  Creative collaboration is always better with pizza.
  3. We laughed a lot.  Creative collaboration is fun.
  4. Elijah showed us some animations he's been making on his Ipad with an app called Animation Desk.
  5. Elijah and I made a movie together in IMovie, so he would know how to start creating his own movies.

After, the girls and I went home...

Elijah and Zoe Both Started Making Movies On Their IPads

Finding The Right Creative Tools

We don't have IPads at home, but we have a laptop with Windows 7.  So, I started researching animation software that works with Windows 7 and is in our budget.  I decided onAnime Studio Debut 8 [Old Version, and we found an affordable digital pen and drawing tablet.    I was able to find both of these tools for a total of $50.00 including shipping on amazon.

The girls have already started doing digital paintings in Autodesk Sketchbook, which is free painting software, and are looking forward to creating animations, once our animation software is installed.

We upload all of our videos to a shared Vimeo account.  We'd love to hear what you're creating these days, and what your favorite tools are.  

Enjoying this creative adventure with you,

Angela Meijer and Beth L. Olson

Angela Meijer