Thoughts On Bible Journaling

Are Your Kids On Summer Break?

Ours get out of school next Tuesday.  We wanted to send out an art tutorial just in time for summer vacation.  Aeva was home sick a few weeks ago, and so I (Angela) asked her if she wanted to journal in her Bible with me.  We both pulled out our Bibles, and here's what happened...

It got me thinking... I love art journaling, and I love art journaling with my girls.  Maybe this would make a great art tutorial!!!  We connect with each other while we journal, and we also connect with God.  We not only engage with the scriptures in a deeper way, but we are able to remember what we are reading.  After my discussion with Aeva, she told me that she wants to read through the Bible together this summer, so that she is able to understand it better.  This is how we are looking forward to starting our mornings together.

Here's a link for our favorite Bible Journal.

However, it isn't necessary to journal in your Bible.  You can journal in a separate sketch book!  Just make sure to write down the references for what you're journaling.

Watercolor crayons, colored pencils and gel pens... and stickers are our favorite ways to use our Bible Journals.

Colorful Bible Tabs are a big favorite.

Disclaimer!!!!   I'm not trying to tell you buy all this stuff!!!  I'm all about getting creative with what you have at hand.  However, I also like having ideas up my sleeve for birthday gifts, and some of these supplies are pretty fun...

Artistic journaling is not just for kids! When I (Beth) was 19 years old, I went to a missionary training school with YWAM Mercy Ships. Part of our graded course work was to keep an illustrated journal throughout the entire school. We had to turn it in each week to be graded. 

When I first heard about the illustrated journal requirement, I was offended. As they handed us boxes of crayons, I thought, "Do they think we are 5 year olds?!" The crazy thing is that after a couple of weeks I fell in love with the process. I still have that journal 20 years later. It is a treasure to me.

If you flip through the journal, you can see a huge difference from the beginning to the end. In the early parts of the notebook I used stick figures and magazine cut outs. Towards the end you can see that I took my time to carefully draw what was happening in my life. I love having a creative documentation of the things I was learning, as well as the high and low points I experienced.

I pulled out that journal just the other day and looked through it with my daughter Zoe. She was very interested as I shared my stories with her. It was a great connection point for us.

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Happy June,

Angela & Beth