Making A Collage With Magazines, Paints, and Watercolor Crayons

After seeing these photos, which we posted on Instagram, we were asked if we would be willing to make a tutorial showing how to make a collage with photos.  So here is a mini tutorial showing you how to make a magazine photo collage.

(Elina filmed it with an Iphone - Mind Blown!!! - but back to the tutorial.)

Materials We Used (But use what you have!):

  1. Print outs of your own photos or magazine pictures.
  2. Clear Gesso (It's like a clear primer that lets the picture shine through.)
  3. Watercolor Crayons - (You can use oil pastels instead; they just don't spread with water.)
  4. Watercolor Gel Sticks - (If you're using oil pastels, these aren't needed.)
  5. Acrylic Paints - (You can use any kind of craft acrylic paints.)  We use the ones in this tutorial that we got for Bible Journaling.
  6. A willingness to experiment and explore...

What we've discovered so far:

The magazine pictures and the Bible pages both wrinkle some.  However, after a day or two, the pages straighten out.

You will notice in the examples below that the collage with the umbrella is really wrinkled.  We discovered that this happens when we use too much gesso.  Learning to create is a process.  

We hope you're enjoying your summer so far!  Beth and I (Angela), have been meeting and talking about Bible Journaling, and have spent some time journaling together too.  We had a lot of feedback from our last tutorial, and made a little follow up video for you. 

Here's our first thoughts on Bible Journaling, and it's not just for kids.  Here's a blog post that Beth shared on why she colors in her Bible.

Happy Creative Adventuring,

Angela and Beth