Mixed Media Landscape Canvases

We had the privilege of hosting a "Mixed Media Landcape Canvas" project at Heartland's Kingdom Kid's Day Camp, on August 11, 2016.  Many thanks to Pastor Jon and Tara (who are amazing). They organized, rallied incredible volunteers, and provided a fantastic 2 Day Camp for the community.  It was a joy to be part of it!

We didn't know how many kids would come, so we prepared canvases for 60 Mixed Media Canvas Landscapes.  Here's a video art tutorial showing how we prepared for our art project, a class demonstration, and pictures of the artwork the kids created.  

  Zoe  and  Aeva  working on their Mixed Media Collages

Zoe and Aeva working on their Mixed Media Collages

Our Goals:

  • To Affirm Kids In Their Creativity.
  • To See The Kids Succeed In Creating Something Meaningful, In An Hour Workshop.
  • To Find A Project For A Diverse Age Group.
  • To Help Make Day Camp A Wonderful Experience.

Why we chose Mixed Media Canvas Landscapes:

  • A Landscape Sets The Scene And Gives The Kids A Starting Point.
  • With Paint Already Applied, The Kids Are Able To Jump Right Into Creating, and There Is Less Chance Of Paint Getting On Kids, and Carpet.
  • Someone Donated A Big Jar Of Modge Podge!!! (Thank you Joy Woodard)
  • 8x10 Stretched Canvases Are Ready To Hang, and Are Special.

Supply List for 60 Canvases:

  1. 8 oz Acrylic Craft Paint - Sky Blue
  2. 8 oz Acrylic Craft Paint - Grass Green
  3. 30 Sponge Brushes
  4. 60 - 8x10 Canvases (We purchased them in packs of 10 with a coupon at Michaels.)
  5. Modge Podge.  We probably used 16 oz.
  6. Scrapbook Paper.  We tore 12x12 sheets into three strips.  Each child had 5 strips in different colors.  There was lots of paper left over, which we will save for future projects.

Let us know if you have any questions.  We hope that this inspires you to create with kids, either at home or in large groups.  We were happy to see that all the kids dove right into their projects.  We observed that some of the kids needed extra help with cutting things out and getting the glue to work.  Having extra helpers was key!  Pastor Jon had older kids helping out with set up, tear down, as well as assisting the kids.  Some kids finished in about half an hour, while others were adding details for the entire hour.

Enjoying This Creative Adventure With You,

Beth and Angela