Collecting "Out Of This World" Ideas

I'm sitting on the couch today, next to a sick kiddo.  We've been watching re-runs of Fixer-Upper, while I've been catching up on some of my computer work.  It's inspiring to watch house renovations, and other people "getting it done", as the plans I made today are going to get to wait, as Aeva girl gets better.

Today, we are doing the hard work of rest!

I love collecting ideas, when we are having "down time".  Gathering inspiration to draw from for a rainy day.

Where Do You Find Inspiration?

Here Is How We Gather And Store Our Ideas

  1. Pinterest is a wonderful place to gather and store ideas.
  2. Inspired by Nature:  Each of our kids has a special box, in which they can store their gathered treasures, including rocks, feathers, and shells.  We pull out the boxes at Christmas time to make vignettes and gifts.  Painted rocks as paper weights or garden markers are always a favorite.  We are also inspired by the animals we see.  We especially love watching the birds as they gather on our deck to eat the bird feed we put out for them.  The birds make their way into our drawings, paintings and stories.
  3. We love to store our drawing in three ring binders.
  4. Evernote or Dropbox are wonderful tools to store & share artwork, stories, ideas, school papers, etc.
  5. Our local library is full of wonderful books, audio books, dvd's, and even classes.

Another favorite activity when we are having down time is reading.  Have you ordered your copy of Zoe's new book yet?

Happy Creative Adventures From Our Home To Yours,

Angela & Beth